The Range blasted after eagle-eyed shoppers spot a spelling mistake on toy

It seems like staff at The Range were a little too hasty when trying to get their Christmas stock out as they missed a glaring typo on one of their Santa products

With less than 100 days until Christmas, The Range has started displaying their Christmas products – but they might have rushed it a bit as staff missed an epic typo on a Santa ornament.

The product in question is a model of Santa on top of a tractor, and is part of the popular store’s Winter Wonderland range.

On the box, it clearly states that the ornament ‘plays a tractor sound’, but then lower on the box, it reads ‘Santa with steam tarctor’ – and eagle-eyed shoppers have noticed the error, as the Daily Star reports.

Rather than cover it up, staff at The Range decided to own up to their mistake and share it on their social media pages – and people have been quick to make fun of the error.

Sharing the image on I nstagram, the brand wrote: “Oooops! We’re in the West Country and still got this wrong!!

“Typo? Regardless, there’s no mistake in knowing that this fun and festive LED Santa with Steam TRACTOR will become your next favourite Xmas decoration.”

People were in stitches over the post, as it racked up more than 3,000 likes.

One quipped: “I love Tarctors,” as another asked: “What’s a tarctor? Lol.”

A third joked: “It’s the people who are making the boxes revenge for making them produce these in September.”

Despite the mistake, many were still keen on the LED Santa With Steam Tracto r.

One shopper wrote: “Will have to get one,” as another added: “My boys would love this.”

However, they will be disappointed as the product appears to be so popular that it’s out of stock on The Range website right now.

You can set up email alerts to let you know when the £26.99 ornament is back in stock though.